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Wooden Khôl bottle with applicator

Wooden Khôl bottle with applicator

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Bottle of Khôl (Kholier) with very soft wooden stick for applying Khôl powder to the eyelids.

This accessory allows you to contain the precious kohl powder; which we offer in black, gray and indigo blue. It is easy to use and very practical.

For natural and Zero Waste makeup

It also keeps the kohl away from any dust, protected from humidity and heat.

Product from Moroccan craftsmanship and fair trade.


  • Made from lemon wood.

  • Dimensions: 17 cm x 4.5 cm +/-

  • Handcrafted according to tradition.

  • Decorated by hand: a truly unique artistic jewel.

  • Very good preservation of kohl powder without denaturing it.

  • A very smooth, soft "mirwed" application stick with an optimal tapered shape for perfect, smudge-free makeup.

  • Bottle sold individually.
  • Color depending on arrivals

Origin: Morocco

Please note: each model is unique, it may be slightly different from the model in the photos

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