AROMATHERAPY AND WELL-BEING: roll on anti-contractures and muscle pain

This treatment, gentle and 100% natural , will help you relieve cramps , joint pain , contractures (due to stress, poor posture, etc.) and muscle pain (from athletes, work, etc.) Essential oils and certain vegetable oils have anti -inflammatory and analgesic properties . This is the case for lavender essential oil and black seed oil . A true treatment , this oil leaves the skin soft, supple and satiny.

This oil.

  • Antirheumatic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Relaxing, soothing

 When ?
  • After a long and particularly intense workout (avoid pain and contractures and feelings of discomfort after exercise )
  • Due to tension or stress, particularly in the neck, head and shoulders
  • After a long car or plane trip (during which you sit for a long time)
  • During a chronic illness, such as fibromyalgia
  • During lower back pain, arthritis or tendinitis
  • During repetitive movements (work, infant carrying, etc.)

Ingredients, materials and containers

Using your small funnel, introduce the black seed oil then the lavender essential oil. Mix the ingredients.

using advice

This oil is suitable for:

  • all skin types .
  • practice relaxing and de-fatiguing body massages after sports on the areas that have been worked.
  • practice relaxing body massages on areas prone to muscular tension (neck, shoulders, arms, legs, torso, feet, etc.); If you have a heated hot water bottle, use it after your massage.
  • Hot is more for the muscles and cold is more for the joints. Seek the advice of your doctor.

Store your treatment oil away from heat and light.
The recommended period of use for this product is 24 months.


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Merci pour cette recette! Elle est efficace et se conserve bien


je confirme efficace: pour mes douleurs d’arthrose aux genoux.


Souffrant de problèmes et douleurs aux cervicales, cette huile permet d’apaiser un peu et détendre la zone notamment grâce à l’effet chauffant. Merci pour la recette


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