Who are we?

The company:

Bioriental.com is a French online store of eco-responsible , natural and organic oriental cosmetic products. It was created in 2016. Bioriental offers you all-natural recipes, beauty secrets of oriental women and beauty rituals passed down from mother to daughter.

The birth of Bioriental:

Our site was born from a passion and a desire to discover committed oriental cosmetics keen to promote the work of women . We favor working with producers, artisans, associations and women's cooperatives; in order to promote fair trade in a sustainable development approach.

The members of our team have had various professional backgrounds and are driven by the same passion for eco-responsible oriental cosmetic products. We are fortunate to have at our side a chemist experienced in the field of cosmetic ingredients, particularly concerned with environmental aspects and the carbon footprint.

We also have among us fans of oriental beauty rituals who hold many beauty secrets from mothers to daughters that they generously wanted to share with you through our blog and our little 100% natural oriental beauty secrets.

Product quality: Effective and human-friendly products

Our products are carefully selected for their quality . We attach great importance to the composition of these cosmetic products, their natural properties and conservation methods . We favor natural ingredients rich in active ingredients and healthy cosmetic products, without additives, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances, not tested on animals.

Our products from organic farming are certified by a French organization Ecocert: http://www.ecocert.com/ or by the Soil association, an English organic certification organization: http://www.ecocert.com/cosmos.

The origin of products and fair trade

Many of the cosmetic products that we have chosen to offer you have been harvested or designed by hand while respecting the most ancestral traditions.

These products mainly come from a traditionally feminine artisanal activity (West Africa, Kenya, Essaouira, Southern Morocco, Tunisia). Our organic argan oils come from Berber women's cooperatives. They are also women who carefully prepare kohl, made from minerals extracted from the mountainous rocks of the Atlas.

Respect for nature: Eco-responsible products

Very sensitive to the carbon footprint, we favor cosmetic products that require little or no fossil energy for their production. We have chosen to favor small producers, cooperatives and artisans. These treasures of nature essentially require harvesting by hand and artisanal extractions. mixtures of natural raw materials (vegetable oil, essential oil, powder, etc.). For shipping our products, we use recycled packaging from shipments from our suppliers for the most part.