ARTICLE: Moroccan rose festival

The Rose Festival at El Kelaa M'Gouna in Morocco, called Moussem , takes place every May of each year; when harvesting the precious petals.

This festival lasts three days; it celebrates the arrival of roses , a very widespread activity in the region of Kalaat M'Gouna , the Dadès valleys and that of M'Goun in the south of Morocco .

Region of craft tourism and sustainable economy

During this moussem, the population of Kelaat M'Gouna increases considerably. This region is popular with Moroccan tourists living in other cities in the kingdom and by many visitors from all over the world.

Tourists want to discover a region known for its perfumes and cosmetic products based on rose water as well as for the welcome and warmth of its inhabitants.

The festival is also an opportunity for visitors to El-Kelaa to discover its small fair and the region's artisanal and agricultural products.

This festival contributes to the region's economy by bringing in several sponsors and tourists each year. It is an annual tradition that dates back to the time of the protectorate.

Folk tourism region

On the occasion of these days of great festivities, the inhabitants of Kelaa M'Gouna and neighboring villages throw rose petals at visitors, sprinkle them with rose water and everyone comes together to elect the queen of roses. .

The women traditionally dress in white or black costumes, the men in traditional Djellabah head very early to the city center, where everyone awaits the annual parade.

Berbers decorate houses with their petals, women make necklaces and sing and dance to celebrate the rose.

The parade includes traditional formations, “ahidous”, “gnaouas”, and folk dances including the saber dance , without forgetting the Miss Rose float . The evenings take place in several rose gardens, everyone can dance there and above all participate in the election of Miss Rose, by choosing, among the young single girls registered, the one who will be elected queen for a day.

The election of Miss Rose

During the festivities, a young single girl is then elected queen for a day and will then parade on a decorated and perfumed float, to the cheers of countless enthusiastic spectators treading the rose petals which litter the ground.

Report from France 2 at the Kelaa Mguna festival in May 2018

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J’y suis allé deux fois. 2003 et 2005, chaque fois une expérience inoubliable. Marrakech-Ouarzazate en car puis location d’une voiture.

Jean-Pierre Wesel

Merci, pour votre huile de rose qui est juste TOP.


J’aimerais tellement visiter cette région…mais avec la crise sanitaire actuelle ca va attendre. J’ai testé votre eau de rose; belle découverte:
Son odeur est envoutante.
Je l’utilise pour faire quelques recettes de beauté maison.


Cet endroit à l’air très beau. J’espère qu’il pourra se développer intelligemment sans tourisme de masse.


Magnifique!!! Je rêve de pouvoir assister à ce genre d’événement folklorique. L’odeur de l’eau de rose une pure merveille, alors ce festival doit être un moment où tous les sens sont en éveil.


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