ARTICLE: How to choose the right black seed oil?

Nigella seeds have been used since ancient times to cure many health problems.

Women from the countryside of the Maghreb and the East still make their bread today, sprinkling them with these seeds.

Nigella seeds today constitute a health food in their own right; very recommended for many illnesses or inconveniences (hormonal disorders in women. They are consumed as is or by taking the black seed oil extracted from it.

Nigella seeds contain Thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, thymol , active ingredients which were discovered a few decades ago.

If you opt for Nigella oil and want to make the most of its virtues, a judicious choice must be made regarding its purchase.

Impeccable quality

So that your Nigella oil offers you all its properties, it is recommended to choose a Nigella oil that encompasses all of these conditions (this applies to all vegetable oils) :

  • Extra virgin oil : the oil must not have been subject to any chemical or other treatment. (see our article: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VIRGIN OR REFINED VEGETABLE OIL?
  • A 100% pure Oil: without any mixture or the presence of another oil.
  • A Cold Pressed Oil: hot extraction alters or even destroys certain molecules.
  • An Oil packaged in a pharmaceutical bottle : in opaque glass, which protects it from UV rays.

Storage conditions

Nigella oil is sensitive to oxidation . The oxidation of oils is a purely chemical and spontaneous reaction of atmospheric oxygen with the fatty acids (containing at least one double bond) contained in these oils using light and heat .

Light or temperature are accelerating factors but are not necessary and sufficient elements to trigger oxidation phenomena. This chemical phenomenon leads to several families of intermediate and final reaction products, irreversible and alterative.

 If the fatty acids it contains deteriorate, the oil loses its properties.

In practice, this oxidation phenomenon is easily identifiable, because it is responsible for a change in the appearance of sensitive oils (rancid odor, change in color). Black seed oil being dark at the base; it will be difficult to detect this color change.

Thus, storage conditions throughout the logistics chain and after purchase are essential for all sensitive oils, such as black seed oil. This is why ensures the freshness of the batches purchased and stores them in cold storage. Unfortunately, some sellers of natural products expose their oils directly to the sun's rays or in shops where heat exceeds 19°C.

After opening, it is strongly recommended to store it away from air and light, in a cool place , preferably in the refrigerator. for 6 to 8 months after opening. Close your bottle tightly after each use.

Why not opt ​​for nigella seeds?

The use of nigella seeds is a guarantee of freshness. Indeed, the oil being preciously contained in the seeds; it is sheltered from air (atmospheric oxygen), light and heat. Nigella seeds can be stored for up to 24 months .

The oil contained in the seeds is released only once the seeds are ground: Oxidation of fatty acids is therefore no longer a problem. It is still strongly recommended to keep the powder in the fridge, mixed or not with pure honey.

Black seed oil has a slightly bitter flavor, then spicy and a little pungent. The advantage of using nigella seeds is a less pronounced taste in the mouth (with honey, the taste is much milder).

Finally, when drinking "oil" is repugnant to us, nigella seed powder in pure honey can be a good alternative.

In our online store you will find black cumin oils and black cumin seeds selected for their exceptional qualities and their storage conditions throughout the logistics chain.

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Tout d’abord merci pour cette mine d’information. C’est important de bien savoir choisir se que l’on consomme et beaucoup de personnes de se posse pas la question sur l’origine et la qualité d’un produit. Surtout un produit sensé nous faire du bien. S’il contient des impureté, des produits chimique ou s’il est altéré par les rayon du soleil cela devint un poison!


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