How to know your skin type

Do you know your skin type?

Knowing your facial skin type allows you to provide appropriate and specific care. Because each skin type has specific needs. If you do not know your skin type, make your own diagnosis by observing the epidermis of your face. It's quick and easy.

There are four types of facial skin; by reading their characteristics, below, you will inevitably recognize yourself in one of them. If you know your skin type, discover the most suitable natural treatments for your epidermis in our article entitled “ natural skin care depending on skin type ”:

-Your skin is normal

if you have smooth, uniform skin with a matte appearance : neither too oily nor too dry and if your skin texture is regular with few or no imperfections. it is therefore a skin which does not shine, does not feel tight. It is the ideal skin because in terms of sebum and hydration, it has no shortage to fill. However, it must be protected from external aggressions: sun, pollution, cold, stress, etc.

-Your skin is oily

if it is shiny, its pores are dilated and visible. It tends to shine due to excess sebum. As a result, the epidermis thickens and becomes dull, blackheads may appear and makeup no longer lasts. The causes are often hormonal.

-Your skin is dry

if your skin texture is fine and lacks radiance, if it feels tight and becomes uncomfortable. It can sometimes peel. It is skin that lacks both hydration and sebum. It is necessary to fill in the gaps with specific care for dry skin.

-Your skin is combination

if it is oily on the T zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin) and dry where the sebaceous glands are missing (temples, cheekbones and jawbones). It is therefore difficult to treat.

At the same time, there are particularities that can affect all skin types. These “transient” states show that the skin has suffered either external attacks or hormonal upheavals such as pregnancy.


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