ARTICLE: Why prefer powder kohl to classic kohl pencil?

The traditional powdered kohl, kohol or kohl in Arabic , from our grandmothers, is making a big comeback in women's makeup bags. By bringing to the eyes a deep and captivating expression worthy of oriental princesses, it has conquered the modern woman thanks to its 100% natural composition .

In the West, women are using it more and more to replace the classic kohl pencil , which is sometimes very toxic and allergenic (paraben, BHA, phenoxyethanol, etc.).

The use of ancestral kohl in powder form is preferable to that in pencil for several reasons which are not negligible. Here are some benefits that I have listed.

  • Benefits for the eyes

Powdered kohl helps fight eye infections and protect the eye by killing certain germs. It also constitutes a protective barrier against external aggressions such as dust, sand, fine particles present in the air.... It helps strengthen vision and clarify the eyes and gaze by protecting them from infections and ulcerations.

It is recommended for elderly people who suffer from vision problems; but it should be avoided in case of a stye. In some countries, it is still applied to infants' eyes today for prevention and to clarify the look.

  • The composition:

    This kohl is a natural, mineral and vegetable makeup and is composed, among other things, of antimony (mineral), cloves reduced to powder and olive pit: It is then called khol massous (sweet). When pepper is added, it becomes kohl harr (spicy) .

    Warning: Some kohls may contain lead or lead derivatives, which are harmful. To detect lead, there is a fairly simple tip explained in our article entitled: How to recognize real kohl powder .

    Our kohls are guaranteed 100% pure and natural

    • Her outfit :

    Traditional powder kohl, which we have known since our childhood, is the oldest makeup in the world. Some major cosmetic brands have attempted to reproduce equivalents, which seemed easier to use than our grandmothers' little stick. But let it be said, none lasts as well as the classic kohl that you find in all the souks! Have you ever tried to remove your makeup after applying it? There's always some left! It lasts longer than that of a classic pencil, up to 3 days . It does not require makeup removal , as it is 100% natural. On the contrary, keeping it on your eyelids at night is recommended.

    • Its uniform application :
    Traditionally, kohl is applied using a wooden stick called a “mirwed” .

      The advantage is that it is applied both towards the bottom and the top of the eye: At the bottom, it highlights the eyes, and at the top, it gives a “dense and full eyelashes” effect. When combined with a good mascara, it gives a doe-eyed look.

      • Speed ​​of application :
      After having coated the mirwed with kohl powder, we slide it between the two joined eyelids and, then with a back and forth movement, the kohl harmoniously highlights both the eye and the eyelid.

        By taking the right hand, you can put on your eye makeup in two seconds, three movements, watch in hand! You still have to know how to do it, but by doing it regularly, you get better and better at it. The method can seem barbaric when you don't know it, you might think you're going to poke your eye out! But by taking it slowly at the beginning, we will have more and more confidence in ourselves when applying it.

        • The price :

        A small glass bottle of powdered kohl can last up to 6 months or much longer 1 year. It costs on average 6 euros for real certified pure and natural kohl powder.

        • Ecological:

        Composed exclusively of mineral and vegetable powders , it is an ecological and economical makeup. its bottle is recyclable and reusable; Its carbon footprint remains very low:

        Antimony is extracted from mines, then it is crushed with other plant elements.

        Its hold, which can last up to 3 days, allows you to apply eye makeup only once every three days. This considerably limits the use of makeup remover products and accessories. As for the pencil, its lifespan is very limited and it is made from wood.

        I hope I have convinced you of the benefits of using traditional powdered kohl.

        You are looking for real gray, black or blue kohl and guaranteed 100% pure and natural, do not hesitate to consult our kohl collections and kohl bottles here 

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