HEALTH AND WELL-BEING: 100% natural recipe to boost your fertility

Whether because of a hormonal dysregulation or for other reasons, natural remedies can treat some difficulties in conceiving. under certain conditions.

Sometimes, despite favorable medical advice, which shows that neither the woman nor the man have fertility problems, the couple has been waiting for a baby for years.

Recent studies have shown that Diet plays an important role in fertility. For example, it has been shown that foods rich in antioxidants allow to reduce all the toxins that may be contained in the body. You must also eat a healthy, plant-based diet and stop eating processed products, meats and fried foods...

THE young therapeutic (very popular) or religious is also a good way to detoxify the body until freeing it from heavy metals (if the diet is healthy of course).

Finally, physical activity , such as a daily walk, is good for the woman who wants to become a mother.

Recently, many people have realized that overnutrition, junk food, ultra-processed foods, pesticides, etc. cause disorders and even illnesses in certain cases. As a result, we are turning more and more towards foods coming directly from nature such as seasonal fruits and vegetables (often chosen from small local producers).

Some researchers, like Doctor Mohamed El Faid, advocate a return to the foods and ways of eating of our ancestors. He also advises introducing seeds, which provide real nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

In his book entitled “Prophetic Medicine”, the scholar Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyya (13th century) gives a remedy to treat infertility based on honey and nigella seed habba sawda or haba al baraka.


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In an airtight glass box, mix 50 g of Indian costus (qist al hind), 50 g of marine costus (qist al bahri) and 100 g of ground nigella seeds (habba sawda).

Add pure honey until you get a paste.

Administration methods

40 day treatment. Once again, we advise having a healthy diet.

Every morning on an empty stomach, take a quantity equal to one tablet or capsule of your paste with a little lukewarm or room temperature water. Wait at least 30 minutes before having breakfast.

This treatment can be taken by men.

There is also another 100% natural remedy very famous in the East, the Middle East and the Maghreb: it is The rose of Jericho, or chajarat Mariam in Arabic. You can find it on our sales site HERE

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Inès de

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


J’ai entendu beaucoup de bien sur chajrat Mariam ( je ne savais pas qu’elle s’appelle également Rose de Jericho). Il est difficile de la trouver en Europe ; c’est vraiment bien que vous puissiez la vendre.



Super!! que des produits naturels; cela ne peux faire que du bien


Merci pour cette recette; je savais que les graines de nigelle étaient recommandé pour l’infertilité hormonale mais je ne connaissais pas les costus.


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