BODY CARE: roll-on deodorant with aloe vera

This will allow you to make an effective, 100% natural deodorant in the form of a liquid gel.

This is a recipe that we tested and which has already found quite a few fans. The formula is suitable for both men and women, because it can be personalized with low-dose essential oils, and without danger of irritation.

The recipe for this deodorant is quick and simple to make. It contains very few ingredients: you can easily make it at home and you will know exactly what is in it.

You should know that perspiration (a normal phenomenon) has no odor; but it is its decomposition that smells bad. So a deodorant should not prevent perspiration but prevent the development of bacteria that causes our bad body odor.

Ingredients : For 30 g of deodorant
  • Aloe Vera Gel 15 g or a large tablespoon
  • Sodium bicarbonate a teaspoonful
  • Lemon/ citronella/ the tree /palmarosa essential oil : 12 drops in total if mixed (or approximately 1.5% of the formula)
  • (not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women)
  • A few drops of rose water : up to 5 ml
  • Cosgard preservative (optional): 6 drops (approximately 0.5%)


Scale, funnel, whisk, or spoon, Mortar


Opaque roll-on (essential oils are photosensitive) 30 g reusable thanks to its screw cap.

Operating mode:

1- Clean and disinfect all utensils.

2- In a bowl, add aloe vera gel .

3- Add the sodium bicarbonate

4- Incorporate the 6 drops of cosgard then mix.

5- Add the rose water drop by drop, until you obtain a texture between gel and liquid. Finally, incorporate the essential oil (if necessary). Mix again thoroughly.

6- Finally, transfer your mixture into the roll-on container using a funnel. Screw it in correctly.

7- You can label your deodorant specifying the date of manufacture and the ingredients used.

  • Use:
  • Use your roll-on under each armpit, like a classic deodorant. Let it dry for a few moments before getting dressed.


  • Conservation:
  • 1 month without preservative and up to 3 months with.

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    Déo efficace et hyper facile à réaliser. Ayant la peau réactive, je ne mets pas de bicarbonate de sodium. Depuis que je l’utilise ma peau de mes aisselles s’est éclaircie. Je la trouve beaucoup plus douce. Merci pour ce partage.


    Merci Mériem pour cette recette. Elle est très efficace et personnalisable selon le parfum (musc blanc mon préféré) souhaité. Elle est rapide à réaliser et nécessité peu d’ingrédients. Par contre, il a tendance à secher; dans ce cas je rajoute un peu de gel d’aloé vera .


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