HAIR CARE: rhassoul shampoo for oily hair

You have the greasy hair and you want space out your shampoos using natural products, rhassoul or ghassoul can easily replace shampoo. For fans of no poo, rhassoul will be a miracle ingredient. Rhassoul is a pure clay coming directly from the deposits, without undergoing any chemical treatment.

It cleans through a process of absorption of impurities and sebum. It is used as a shampoo, facial mask, hair mask and wrap.


By using other essential oils or vegetable oils this shampoo can be used


Prepare your nettle infusion by boiling 170 ml of water and adding 1 spoonful of powdered nettles. Cover your infusion with a (non-metallic) plate for 1 hour. Let cool, then add the lavender base and the other ingredients. Mix everything well. Store your shampoo in a flip flop container or jar. If your shampoo is too strong, add a little water.


Apply to damp hair; massage gently and leave to act a little. Then rinse thoroughly.

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