SOIN DU CORPS: Crème anti cellulite à la cannelle

BODY CARE: Anti-cellulite cream with cinnamon

The essential oil contained in cinnamon activates microcirculation and reduces cellulite. It boosts both blood and lymphatic circulation.

This cream has self-heating and slimming properties. It is used on the body, except the chest and above the stomach, because the rise in temperature can cause respiratory discomfort.

Ingredients / material / container
  • Saucepan, bowl, mortar and 100 g pot
  • 50 g Shea butter
  • 1 cinnamon stick or 1 tsp pure cinnamon powder
  • 20 drops of orange or lemon essential oil

Crush the cinnamon stick until you obtain a fine powder.

Mix the shea butter and cinnamon powder

Heat the mixture in a bain-marie; which will liquefy to become a creamy cream.

Let it cool a little before adding the mixture to your pot.


Apply your slimming treatment once a day to the areas to be treated: thighs, buttocks, arms, etc. Massage yourself for a few minutes. Wrap in cellophane paper. Leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse.


Shea butter can be stored for a long time. Do not expose to light. Store your treatment in the refrigerator in case of high heat so that it does not melt.

Advice +

• Daily massage is essential to remove cellulite. The right gesture: to adopt: pinch the skin between your fingers and “roll” it. It may hurt at first, but it is effective.

• Cellulite and weight are unrelated. It is not enough to go on a diet to erase it, although a balanced diet is recommended: avoid refined sugar and overly salty dishes.

• Certain sports prevent dimples from settling: swimming, aquagym, brisk walking, etc.


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Merci, pour cette recette simple. Je suis tentée de l’essayer, mais je voulais savoir si l’huile essentielle de cannelle pouvait remplacer la cannelle.


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