FACE TREATMENT: Anti-Blackhead Poultice with Rhassoul

This 100% natural treatment with tea tree essential oil and Rose hydrosol helps chase away blackheads. In addition, it purifies, tightens pores and regulates excess sebum without attacking the epidermis.

Beauty secret of Moroccan women, Rhassoul is effective in getting rid of imperfections and spots caused by pimples.


Cleanser, purifier, softener, astringent, skin problems, regenerating, sebum regulator, anti-stain

Ingredients and materials

2 tsp or 10 g of rhassoul

15 ml of Damascus rose hydrolate

10 drops of tea tree essential oil

0.5 g of Cosgard (if you wish to keep your preparation)


In a bowl (avoid metal), mix the ingredients using a wooden spoon until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous paste.

Adjust the texture if necessary by adding clay/ghassoul (to thicken) or hydrosol/vegetable oil (to liquefy).


Apply a thin layer to the cheeks, sides of the nose, forehead and chin then leave on for 5 minutes. Once dry, use circular movements with previously wet fingertips to “peel” the Ghassoul, then rinse with water to remove residue. Your skin is clean, healthy and incredibly soft.

Apply a Damascus rose cream or a Damascus rose moisturizing oil


Does not keep. Use immediately.

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Merci pour cette recette . Le rhassoul est top pour la peau grasse à tendance acneique.


Super recette. Elle sent hyper bon.


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