Face care: Bi-phase makeup remover for oily skin, face and eyes

Whatever your skin type; whether dry, combination, normal or oily, it is important to always remove makeup with products adapted to its nature, even if you do not wear makeup. Because impurities (dust, pollen, etc.) and pollution in town and in the countryside clog pores and asphyxiate the skin.

Like sensitive skin, oily skin must be cleansed without being stripped by overly abrasive products. Indeed, when attacked, it will defend itself by producing more sebum. To avoid this rebound effect, it is advisable to gently remove makeup every evening with a suitable product.

I offer you a simple makeup remover recipe to use in case of excess sebum (and also if you have sensitive skin).

This makeup remover is essentially composed of jojoba oil (closest to our epidermis) which will hydrate and nourish your skin and lavender or rose hydrosol which will soothe it.

Ingredients, container and materials
  • 100 ml spray bottle
  • jojoba oil 50 ml
  • rose or lavender water 50 ml
  • 15 drops of Cosgard preservative (storage of makeup remover for 3 months)
  • graduated pipette with transfer tube
Preparation and application
  1. Using a graduated pipette with a small tube at the end, take 50 ml of hydrosol and pour it directly into your bottle intended for the makeup remover.
  2. Then do the same with jojoba vegetable oil.
  3. Finally, add the Cosgard preservative.
  4. Close the bottle and mix vigorously; your two-phase makeup remover is ready.

As the aqueous phase and the oily phase do not mix (hence the name two-phase makeup remover), you must systematically shake your makeup remover before using it.

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