EYE CARE: Aloe vera honey anti-dark circles mask

Between lack of sleep, overwork, or even heredity, our dark circles are poorly managed and darken: which weighs down the eyes and gives them a tired appearance. Dark circles first appear at the corner of the eye before spreading to the contours. it is the number one enemy of fresh complexion and luminous eyes.

We suggest you say goodbye to dark circles and opt for this effective and 100% natural treatment. Simple to make, it consists of only 2 ingredients.


Preparation and application

Mix one teaspoon of acacia honey in one teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Soak two cotton pads with this lotion and apply them to your closed eyes. Leave on for five minutes before removing them.

Beauty tip:

If you have lotion left, add ingredients like yogurt, mixed fruit, etc. to make a face mask


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recette simple et facile à réaliser.
L’eau de rose et également très bien pour les yeux et les cernes.


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