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Frotte Glove - soft back

Frotte Glove - soft back

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Equipped with very practical straps, this washcloth can be used daily to gently clean the back of impurities.

Traditionally used in the hammam with black soap or Aleppo soap, this glove gently exfoliates dead skin on the back and thighs.

We offer you this strap in very good quality , in soft, very resistant braided fibers and without seams to accompany you for as long as possible in your oriental treatments!

Properties and uses
  • Inseparable from black soap or Aleppo soap , this glove cleans the epidermis in depth to extract dead cells. It restores softness and radiance to the skin.
  • It can also be used with your favorite soap or shower gel, always on wet skin. Remember to always rub vigorously using up and down movements . For intensely soft skin, use your glove once or twice a week.
  • This glove relieves heavy legs and improves blood circulation thanks to massages and friction movements which promote venous return.

  • It revitalizes and revitalizes the epidermis thanks to its exfoliating action.

After each use , rinse it well then dry it.

Origin: Morocco

Characteristics: Seamless - Machine washable at 40° C. - Glove: 100% viscose - 2 braided side straps - Random color

Dimensions: 90cm x 8.5cm

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