ARTICLE: The benefits of the rose of Jericho or chajarat Mariam

The rose of Jericho, also called Chajarat Maryam or Fertility Flower , is an extraordinary plant both for its rarity and its capacity for revivification (Property of certain plants which can, after having been dried out for a long time, come back to life in humidity).
Its botanical name is Selaginella lepidophylla and Anastatica hierochuntica, Anastatica comes from the word anastasis which means Resurrection.
Originally from the desert, it has the ability to do without water for a period of several years, thanks to its controlled dehydration power.
Thanks to its remarkable properties, the Rose of Jericho was a plant that was passed down in families from generation to generation in the Middle Ages.
Its best known use is its decoction to promote fertility, as well as in the treatment of urinary infections. It also has many other benefits. Here are some:
  • promote ovulation: anovulation, dysovulation…
  • promote mucus
  • facilitate childbirth
  • reduce arthritis
  • regularize menstrual cycles
  • treat menopause disorders
  • fight against the effects of diabetes thanks to its hypoglycemic properties: by regulating sugar levels
  • protect and treat the liver: Hepatotropic action
  • has a diuretic action, effective against
urinary infections and heart disease
  • Treat conjunctivitis
  • Relieve asthma
  • Treating stomach disorders
  • Relieve Depression, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy
The rose of Jericho still conceals a lot of mystery regarding its virtues. And scientists have not finished discovering all its properties.
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Bonjour, Sharllis,
Nous nous sommes intéressés dans cette article à mettre en avant les vertus de la rose de Jéricho, chajarat Mariam d’un point de vue bien-être et santé.
Pour se qui concerne son aspect spirituelle, si il en existe, nous ne pouvons vous aider.


Connaître l’utilité spirituelle de la rose de jericho


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