Article: Why and How to Use a Jade and Rose Quartz Massage Roller

The facial massage roller is the new fashionable beauty accessory: a star of social networks, and the darling of beauty addicts. The most used are the classic models in jade and rose quartz. They are the quickest way to unclog, firm and deeply treat the face. You still have to know how to handle them. The advantage of this roller is that once the techniques of use are acquired, there is no need for a beautician or a mirror; the massage can be done while reading, watching TV, etc.

We've gathered expert advice on how to handle the roller like a pro.

The benefits

The virtues of the rose quartz and jade massage roller are numerous and visible after a few sessions

A massage roller acts on several levels:

1- It stimulates blood circulation to provide more nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

2- It has a role of lymphatic drainage : By draining stagnant fluids; which allows excess liquids , microbes or toxins to be evacuated

3 - It allows you to massage the tissues in depth and thus firm the skin thanks to mechanical action.

5 - It promotes and improves the penetration of treatments such as the precious oils of prickly pear, argan...

6-the extremely refreshing effect of the stone tightens enlarged pores and helps reduce dark circles and inflammation of the skin

Results and effectiveness

According to celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech, “A regular massage or roller will change the shape of your face.” she says, just like the muscles in our body, those in our face contract, hold tension and relax from lack of demand.

Fans of massage rollers have noticed a real change in the shape of their face: a better redesigned face, features are less tired, nasolabial folds are less visible, frown lines, crow's bones and cheek wrinkles have faded.

Another result noted, The skin is magnificent, the complexion is fresh and luminous, in addition to being well evened.

How to use the jade roller?

To fully benefit from all its benefits, it is recommended to use the roller twice a day, during facial treatments, once in the morning and once in the evening.

But it can be used as many times as you want, for example every time our face needs to be soothed.

One minute is enough to massage the face, so this treatment is very simple and quick to perform. But

The roller is made up of 2 tips with a smaller part for more delicate and difficult to reach areas, such as under the eyes or around the mouth.

We start in the middle of the face and roll outwards. For frown lines and neck, move upwards.

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Bonjour je troue ette pierre très efficace à condition de l’utiliser souvent. Je l’ai utilisée le matin et le soir pendant un long moment mon mari n’en revenait pas ma peau est devenu plus lisse mon teint plus frais et lumineux et les ridules d’expressions se sont atténues. Je vous conseil d’adopter le rouleau de en quartz rose


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