ARTICLE: The virtues of oriental kohl powder

Since the great return to natural and ecological products in cosmetics, the use of authentic and traditional kohl powder has only increased. Contained in a small glass pill bottle, it is part of 100% natural zero waste makeup.

He is very economical because a small pillbox of powdered kohl lasts up to 24 months depending on frequency of use. It also saves time: remaining on the eyelids for up to 3 days.

Its use makes it a 2 in 1 product : makeup and care. This is why in Arab countries, men wear kohl without any complexes.

Preventative care

In the countries of the Middle East and the Maghreb, kohl is used as a 2-in-1 makeup treatment: It helps prevent all eye diseases. It is used in certain regions, particularly in the countryside, in infants from birth. According to beliefs, kohl gives babies pretty, healthy eyes.

Eye fatigue eye drops treatment

Kohl is recommended to relieve visual fatigue ; it refreshes and soothes the eyes when feeling tired and uncomfortable.

Fatigue suffered all day long, especially from screens, can be treated naturally with kohl, especially since it does not require makeup to be removed, on the contrary.

Eye irritation

It can also be used as a treatment against redness, irritation and conjunctiva of the eye. Where the kohl pencil will be banned.


Kohl constitutes a real protective barrier against external aggressions: such as dust, sand, fine particles present in the air. It also allows good hydration of the eye and thus avoids any harmful dryness.

Nourishing care

The powdered kohl is mixed with a little olive oil, which will delicately nourish the skin of the eyelids and allow It is also composed of date stones.

Waterproof power

Kohl has waterproof powers, it is ideal for use in countries with hot climates: it does not run and thus avoids “panda eyes”.

When it has been on the eyes for at least 1 day, in water, it lasts without leaking in the swimming pool or in the sea.

A small bottle of Kohl will last several years and will be much healthier for your eye.

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