Recipe: Make your own flax gel or watercress gel

To make your own flax or watercress gel , it's quite simple. All you need is water, your seeds and a little time. Two methods exist to prepare it: hot extraction and cold extraction .

Ingredients and materials

Recipe for approximately 100 g of homemade flax gel

- 20 g of seeds, or 2 tablespoons

- 300 ml of water

- a 100 g jar

- a sieve

The hot extraction method

In a pot, Bring the water, flax seeds and/or watercress seeds to a boil . Let boil for 10 minutes, stirring regularly. Remove from the heat as soon as the consistency suits you: neither too liquid nor too viscous. The hardest part now remains filter the gel to remove all the seeds. To do this, pour your preparation into a sieve that is not too fine (otherwise the gel will not pass through) over a bowl.

Don't hesitate to use a spatula to grind the seeds as much as possible. If you can't do it this way, it's apparently possible to pour the mixture into a clean nylon stocking and then squeeze it over a bowl to extract the gel. Then transfer your preparation in a previously disinfected pot . You can keep it for a week in the refrigerator.

The cold extraction method

The cold method simply consists of placing flax seeds and/or watercress seeds and water in an airtight jar for 24 hours in the refrigerator. You should also remember to shake the jar regularly. As with the hot extraction method, it is then necessary to filter the mixture to obtain the flax gel. Store your gel in the 100 g jar.

If you plan to keep your gel for 4 weeks, you will need to add Cosgard preservative and mix well. So that will make about 12 drops of preservative for this recipe.

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