Recipe: Rose water and white clay mask

You are probably familiar with green clay, very popular and used for its absorbent power in the care of oily and combination skin. But do you know the benefits of white clay?

Also called kaolin , it is less rich in mineral salts and much better tolerated by sensitive skin . It is much more delicate than other types of clay. It cleanses combination skin without drying it out.

White clay deeply cleanses the skin, softens it and restores its radiance.

In “home” or DIY (do it yourself) cosmetics, clay masks are the simplest to make. With just 2 ingredients and a few minutes your mask is ready. They have the advantage of being 100% natural, without any additives such as preservatives which are mostly harmful to the skin.

White clay powder to rehydrate

In bags, boxes or pots, powdered white clay needs to be rehydrated before use.

Advantages: kaolin powder can be stored for a very long time; you can prepare your facial mask with the hydrosol of your choice and vary the needs and pleasures.

Why replace water with rose hydrosol

You can replace water with rose water to rehydrate your white clay powder. You will benefit from the properties of this floral water and its delicate fragrance.

Rose hydrosol, with a delicate and sweet scent, regenerates mature skin and soothes irritated skin.

Preparation of the white clay mask

In a bowl mix:

Mix until you obtain a homogeneous paste and apply to your face immediately .


Your white clay mask is ready. You need to apply it quickly to your face before it dries in your bowl.

  • You can apply your mask to the face by hand or with a cosmetic brush.
  • Apply the mask in a thick layer to the entire face, avoiding the eye area.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Before the white clay is completely dry, moisten the mask with a damp sponge or washcloth.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of clay.
  • Apply a moisturizer or oil suited to your skin type.
  • Do not keep this mask; if you want to keep it add cosgard

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Effectivement ce masque argile-eau de rose est merveilleux,agréable,régénérant.
Après 2 opérations,j’avais le teint “grisâtre” et la peau du visage très fatiguée,comme chiffonée .
J’ai cherché et tenté ce masque…
Rincé,remis un peu d’eau de rose,utilisé une crème bio et j’ai vu mon teint et ma peau renaitre et toute douce +



Ce masque est un indispensable chez moi, el le réalise également au hammam:
il nettoie parfaitement la peau, il rend la peau soyeuse et le teint plus radieux.
Pour le préparer je prend un bol ou un pot (quant je suis au hammam, c’est plus pratique) je vaporise l’eau de rose en spray je mélange avec mes doigts. mon masque et prêt !


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