Recipe: Facial beauty mask with blue Nila powder

Nila is a natural royal blue powder, also called blue clay. A bit like ghassoul, nila is extracted from the mountains of southern Morocco, then it is reduced to powder.

Nila powder is a beauty secret of southern Moroccan women to brighten their complexion.

Today, we know several virtues of nila powder for the skin. It is used more and more because this cosmetic ingredient is easy to use.

There are multiple recipes based on nila powder for both the face and the body. Here is one of them based on aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera gel is a skin repairer, it stimulates skin repair. Its tightening and regenerating effects make this gel a very interesting anti-aging cosmetic product. He is known to reduce brown spots and delay their appearance on the hands and face.

This mask can also be applied to the hands, knees and armpits ; with the aim of lightening and softening them.

Benefits of this mask

In facial care, blue nila powder and aloe vera gel provide several benefits at the same time:

- Gently exfoliate dead skin.

- Naturally lighten the complexion.

- Fade brown spots on the face.

- Soften the skin.

- Restore radiance to the complexion.

- Moisturizing, purifying, tightening, anti-aging


1/2 teaspoon Nila Powder from Morocco

1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel

3 drops of argan oil (optional).


In a container, gently mix the ingredients until you obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply to slightly damp, clean skin


Apply the preparation to the face and neckline, avoiding the eye area. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with clean water. Remove remaining traces with rose water.

Finally, moisturize the skin well with a cream.

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Super masque. Redonne de l’éclat au visage. Il fait parti de ma routine du weekend


Merci pour cette recette 100% naturelle. j’ai constaté un changement au niveau de l’éclat de mon teint, dès la première application. j’ai fais qu’un masque pour le moment…
j’ai des taches dù au soleil, j’espère de tout cœur m’en débarrasser grâce à ce maque


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