ARTICLE: How to recognize real kohl powder

Kohl powder is undoubtedly the oldest makeup product in the world, having survived the centuries of Antiquity to still be used today in Arab countries and the West.

Its composition

Real traditional kohl powder contains natural mineral such as antimony , oils like olive oil. According to some recipes, there are also date stones, cloves and sometimes pepper (for those who sting their eyes).

Depending on its composition, kohl can be black , gray or blue . Unfortunately, it still persists in the trade of kohl made of metal. We offer you on our online store kohls tested and guaranteed to be free of metals and lead.

There is a quick and easy test to perform to find out if your kohl actually contains metal.

The metal test

How do you know if your kohl powder contains metals, the presence of iron, steel, cobalt, nickel, cast iron, ferrites and certain metal alloys? All you need is a white sheet of paper and a magnet.

  1. Put a little kohl on the sheet
  2. Place your magnet under the leaf at the level of the kohl
  3. Move the magnet
  4. Result:
  • If the kohl follows the movement of the magnet, it means that it contains a metal.
  • If the part against the kohl does not move, then this kohl does not contain any metal and it is healthy for your eyes.

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You want to know more about kohl and in particular what differentiates powder kohl from kohl pencil, see our article : “ Why prefer powder kohl to classic kohl pencil?

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    Bonjour Bensaid,
    Merci pour l’intérêt que vous portez à nos produits. Nous sommes bien en France.

    Meriem de Bioriental

    Bonjour vous êtes situé où en France
    Je recherche du khôl nature car j’ai remarqué il y’a vais beaucoup de contre façon


    merci pour ce test et votre khôl gris qui m’a durée 1 an!!!!


    Top le petit test . J’utiliserai du coup le khôl en poudre noir pour réaliser “mon mascara maison” sans craintes. merci merci!!!


    Merci pour le test assez simple, fallait y penser. du coup j’en parlerais autour de moi.


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