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Superfine white clay

Superfine white clay

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Pure and 100% natural powdered white clay.

The benefits of white clay for the skin and teeth make it an essential beauty ally.

Discover white clay and concoct “homemade” DIY (do it yourself) beauty recipes by choosing healthy , environmentally friendly ingredients : This way, you will know exactly what your treatments contain.

White clay helps soften and to cleanse the epidermis. It restores clear skin and radiance to the face.

Thanks to its astringent, absorbent and antiseptic properties, white clay healthily purifies and naturally removes dental plaque and restores fresh breath . For greater effectiveness, it is combined with mint essential oil , virgin coconut oil , etc.

Discover white clay and concoct “homemade” DIY (do it yourself) beauty recipes by choosing healthy , environmentally friendly ingredients: So you know exactly what your treatments contain.

Rich in trace elements, white clay revitalizes the skin and eliminates toxins.
It is a perfect detox for the body and face. The result is that the skin is luminous, the complexion is even, and pores are less dilated.

Property for your skin

- Purifies and revitalizes normal, combination, dry,
dehydrated and mature
- Heals and softens damaged and irritated skin

Property for your hair and teeth

-Purifying and cleansing

Composition / Quality

SiO2, Al2O3
Superfine clay, 100% natural, preservative-free,
without any chemicals, 100% biodegradable.


-Mask, scrub, poultice and wrap
-Shampoo, hair mask, makeup
-Soap, deodorant, gel, “homemade” toothpaste

Instructions for use and tips

Purifying and revitalizing mask:
-Pour 2 tbsp. to s. of white clay in a bowl.
Be careful never to use metal; the latter could react with the minerals contained in the clay.

-Dilute with a little mineral water and a few drops of rose hydrosol .

-Add vegetable oil according to your needs and desires: organic argan oil , sesame oil , avocado oil , black cumin oil , castor oil .
-Mix with a wooden spoon to obtain a smooth paste.
Apply the preparation to your cleansed face and leave for 10 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly. You can finally hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream or Aloe vera gel or a few drops of vegetable oil.

-Do your mask after or during a hammam session, because the pores of the skin are well dilated. Prepare your mixture in advance in a suitable bottle if you wish to take it to the hammam.
-Use rose water, result: a perfect complexion!

Origin: Morocco

Capacity: 100 g

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