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Organic shea butter

Organic shea butter

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Organic shea butter

Pure and fair trade : It is essential for the beauty of your skin and hair!

Concentrated in fatty acids and vitamins, this butter will protect your skin and hair from external aggressions (wind, sun, pollution, etc.).

A true 100% natural, pure and organic treatment, it will leave your skin soft and regenerated . As for your hair, it will be deeply nourished and repaired .

Since shea is a tree that grows wild, it produces extremely pure and natural butter. Rich in numerous active components, this shea butter is a real treasure for the skin and hair: Anti-aging, protector from external aggressions, care for fragile and damaged skin and hair...

This butter is ideal for the whole family: babies, children, adults, pregnant women, athletes... You can use it every day and take it on vacation.

Fair trade and sustainable development


The shea butter that we offer comes from the work of women in West Africa, grouped in cooperatives. These associations allow them to improve their quality of life and that of their family, to fight against poverty and to promote local products.

Traditional and artisanal manufacturing

The women first harvest the Shea nuts. Then, they wash and dry the nuts using a traditional ancestral method. The shea nuts are then crushed before passing through a mill. The paste obtained is finally filtered several times in order to obtain the purest shea butter.

Properties for the skin

- Deeply moisturizes the skin and maintains skin elasticity
-Delays the formation of wrinkles and slows down skin aging
-Helps the healing of the most damaged skin
-Prevents and treats stretch marks and cracks (in synergy with coconut oil)
(for breastfeeding women)

- -Effectively eliminates cradle cap
-Protects the skin from UV rays and prolongs its tan
-After-sun: Calms sunburn and restores the hydrolipidic film
Treats dry dermatitis, eczema
In massage, relieves and relaxes the muscles
Calms insect bites

Properties for hair

-Restores shine and beauty to dull hair.
- Protects hair from external aggressions
(sun, sand, swimming pool...)
- Deeply nourishes the hair fiber.
-Restores health to weakened and damaged hair:
by coloring, straightening iron...
-Helps fight dandruff

Composition / Quality

Organic: certified by the soil association

Omega 6: Defense, preservation and repair
Oleic acid
Stearic acid
Unsaponifiable: Terpene alcohols,
Phytosterols, Vitamins A and E: Antioxidant

Organic Butter, 100% pure and natural, from an activity
traditionally feminine (West Africa).

Capacity: 100 g.

Instructions for use and tips

At room temperature, shea butter is solid. Melt it in the palm of your hand before applying it. You can use it daily alone or mixed with vegetable oils . In this case, it is preferable to melt it in a bain-marie before mixing it.

-Skin care (face and body): Melt a knob of butter in the palm of your hand then massage until completely absorbed.

-Pre-shampoo mask: You can use it alone or mixed with nourishing, regenerating, moisturizing beneficial vegetable oil such as argan oil , black seed oil , castor oil , coconut oil , etc.

-Apply a large knob of butter or your mixture on
dry hair, focusing on the ends.
-Wrap your hair in a warm, damp towel
and leave to act for at least 30 min.
-Then do your usual shampoo.

Apply shea butter to your hair to protect it from the drying effect of salt water (at sea) or chlorine (at the swimming pool).

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