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100% natural candle "Harmony"

100% natural candle "Harmony"

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Inspired by oriental scents, this 100% plant-based candle will help you relax and relieve tension and stress. It is composed of vegetable wax, essential oils of rosewood, Indian geranium and lemon.

Enjoy moments of relaxation rituals just for you and rediscover relaxation and calm when going to bed, in a homemade hammam, during a hot bath, during your reading...

Benefits of these essential oils:
Rosewood essential oil:
  • Very pleasant smell
  • This essential oil is very effective against stress and depression: It helps prevent and calm everyday anxieties.
  • Promotes sleep
  • It stimulates the libido
  • It is an excellent repellent against moths and mosquitoes

Indian geranium essential oil:
  • Its scent is sweet, light and flowery.
  • Positive, it is indicated in cases of stress, anxiety, irritability, general fatigue

Lemon essential oil:
  • Pleasant scent: fine and fruity
  • Oil which resources and rebalances vital energies to effectively combat stress, depression and nervous tension

Composition and Quality:

Candle from fair trade, healthy for humans and nature and biodegradable.
This candle is composed of 97% stearin (palm wax) and 3% essential oils: rosewood, Indian geranium and lemon . No additives or colorings.

Burning time in a glass candle holder 11 - 12 hours.

Weight 56 ​​g,

size: 4.5 x 4cm.

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