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100% natural “tropical island” candle

100% natural “tropical island” candle

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Totally plant-based and natural candle: composed of palm wax and essential oils of cedar wood and Indian geranium.

Let yourself be invaded by its woody and lemony oriental scent. It promotes sleep, rest, relaxation and psychological well-being in general. Take a moment just for you: Relax and let go with this candle during relaxation rituals: during your meditations, your beauty ritual, during your bath, during your readings....

Therapeutic properties of cedarwood and Indian geranium essential oil:
  • Fight against latent depression, nervousness, difficult sleep, stress, overwork, nervous tension.

  • Eliminate bad odors and perfume the air with a fresh, tropical scent

    Composition and Quality:

    Fair trade, healthy and biodegradable candle, made from “Stearine” (palm wax).
    This candle is composed of 97% stearin and 3% essential oils: cedar wood and Indian geranium

    Burning time in a glass candle holder 11 to 12 hours. Weight 56 ​​g, size: 4.5 x 4 cm.

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