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Relaxation scented candle

Relaxation scented candle

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Artisanal scented candle from fair trade.

100% natural biodegradable vegetable wax candle without any additives or colorings.

This scented candle will help you create an olfactory atmosphere conducive to relaxation and well-being.

This candle with scents from nature is scented with essential oils of orange, coriander and vanilla. It’s a real journey towards nature and relaxation.

Use it during your relaxation rituals: bathing, meditations, purifying your interior, readings...

Orange essential oil:

Soothing and positive for the mind, this oil helps relieve stress and get you to sleep naturally.

Anti-depressant, calming and sedative, it is used as a natural treatment for anxiety and stress.

Coriander essential oil:

Tonic and purifying, Coriander essential oil is used as a memory stimulant and to combat physical and mental fatigue. It is also used in cases of sleep disorders.

vanilla essential oil:

Nervous balancing . The aldehydes contained in vanilla essential oil are neurotonic , meaning that they restore the tone of the nervous system without excite it.

The aromatic compounds contained in vanilla oil, responsible for its smell, act on the hypothalamus, producing a general stimulating, neurotonic and slightly aphrodisiac effect.

Composition and Quality:

Candle from fair trade, healthy for humans and completely biodegradable.
This candle is composed of 97% stearin (palm wax) and 3% essential oils: lemongrass and sage. .
Burning time in a glass candle holder 11 - 12 hours.

Weight: 56g

size: 4.5 x 4cm.

Origin: Indonesia

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