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Berber cotton pouch

Berber cotton pouch

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Natural cotton purse in a very trendy ethnic Berber style . It is ideal for transporting and storing your cosmetic products, ingredients and beauty accessories.

Equipped with ecru sliding cords, it is very practical and guarantees reliable closure when traveling.

Thanks to its oriental design, it is perfect as a pouch to offer a gift or small original attention, such as natural cosmetics from the Orient or the Maghreb or even your "handmade" cosmetic or other creations: soaps, candles, jewelry. ..

This pouch can also be used to protect and store makeup, perfumes, dried flowers and small accessories of all kinds... Its size is suitable for slipping it into your handbag or suitcase.


Ethnic cotton purse with multicolored stripes, predominantly pink and red, with natural ecru drawstring.

Material: 100% natural cotton, supple, soft and durable

External dimension: approximately 19 x 12 cm
Usable storage size: +/- 16 x 13 cm

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