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Vintage silk purse

Vintage silk purse

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Pretty silk purse with vintage patterns, lined fabric

Fair trade / Made with 100% recycled cotton

Two small strings with pompoms on the sides allow you to close the opening.

It is ideal for storing your jewelry, crystals, makeup, etc.

It could also be used to hold a special little gift.

Origin of the Product

This pouch is a JeevanKala Product (cooperation)
JeevanKala products are handmade by artisans in remote Himalayan mountain villages such as Lapa, Tipling and Shertung.

Most of the artisans are single mothers, widows and people with disabilities. Many of these people are considered "untouchables" (the lowest level of the caste system in Nepal and India).

Over 1,000 artisans in the region have benefited from training and employment opportunities through JeevanKala, which came into being through Himalayan HealthCare.

Himalayan HealthCare is a non-profit charitable organization established in Nepal for 25 years.

It helps provide sustainable wages, health care and education programs.

Product quality

Lined inside, some finishes are done by hand.

Product Specification

Size: 14 x 12 cm
Material: Silk
Total weight: 59g
Colors: varied colors,
Origin: Nepal
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