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Berber Hammam Box

Berber Hammam Box

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Offer the pleasure of relaxation according to the Berber tradition of southern Morocco. With this totally natural hammam ritual box, enjoy a moment of escape and well-being dedicated to body and mind. 100% natural, this box is sure to please.

Beauty secrets of Berber women, Argan oil treatments have long proven their effectiveness on hair and skin.

This freshness box is essential to take to the hammam to deeply cleanse your skin. Thanks to it, you will also be able to recreate at home a real hammam ritual and a 100% relaxing atmosphere.

This very complete Hammam box is composed of a pot of black soap with argan oil , a kessa glove ( hair glove), a body wrap with rhassoul and argan and an argan oil Organic moisturizer .

The black soap with argan oil combined with the exfoliating action of the kessa glove will be a real miracle treatment for your epidermis whatever your skin type.

The scrub / wrap with rhassoul and argan oil 2 in 1: as a scrub in the shower or as a body wrap after the black soap scrub, this mineralizing treatment will provide your skin with softness and

Organic argan oil (Ecocert certified) : moisturizing and regenerating treatment to use after your hammam session on the skin and hair.

Using advice:

Black soap scrub : Black soap, a natural product for perfect hygiene and gentle elimination of impurities.

-After being a ferryman in the hot steam room,
Do not first pass under a shower of lukewarm water.

-Coat your body with black soap. Leave it
A few minutes under steam. Then rinse with water
lukewarm in the shower.

-Exfoliate with a kessa glove (hair glove)
by moving back and forth.
Do not use a kessa glove on your face if you have sensitive skin. Instead, do it by hand, avoiding contact with the eyes.

-Once the body has been scrubbed, rinse again.

Hair bath with argan oil: This mask is used to enhance and deeply treat dry and damaged hair from coloring, swimming, sun, straightening, etc.

Apply argan oil to the entire hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Leave on for 30 minutes then wash your hair as usual.

During a hammam session in a salon or at home: Take advantage of this moment and the steam which opens the hair scales to let the argan oil act. Apply your hair mask at the start of the session then wash your hair at the end.

Moisturizing argan oil for face and body :

Thanks to its high content of vitamin E and fatty acids, argan oil is ideal for hydrating and softening the skin.

It is non-greasy and penetrates quickly into the epidermis. You can easily change your tubes of moisturizing cream for a bottle of argan oil.

It is natural without any additives. It does not irritate the skin, quite the contrary. It is recommended for the most delicate skin. the skin will be soft, nourished and soothed.

Every day or several times a week, hydrate your body after getting out of the shower, hammam or bath, for example, using just a few drops of argan oil.

Apply argan oil to your body and face using a delicate massage until absorbed.

Composition of the lot:

-Traditional Black Soap with argan oil 200 g
-Kessa glove or horsehair glove
-Organic moisturizing argan oil-60 ml
-Small handcrafted palm leaf basket.

Origin: Morocco

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