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Elastic Lapis lazuli chip bracelet

Elastic Lapis lazuli chip bracelet

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Baroque lapis lazuli bracelet

The so-called “ Baroquestones are chips of polished, non-regular stones, constituting these mineral stone bracelets . Thanks to the baroque bracelet, you will benefit from the virtues of the stones that compose it and the beauty of natural stones. All our bracelets are carefully shipped in a small organza purse.

The Lapis lazuli stone in litho therapy would provide relief from migraines and headaches.

According to beliefs, Lapis lazuli possesses several properties and virtues, among the best known:

  • Helps to gain a boost of confidence for the wearer and encourages them to take control of their life.
  • facilitates the communication of emotions and feelings. Oral communication is therefore favored by this.
  • Lapis lazuli helps to acquire fullness and inner peace, thus stress is quickly evacuated.
  • Among its properties and virtues, we can give it a certain influence on the provision of honesty, compassion and righteousness.

Moonstone appearance and mineralogy

This deep blue stone with exceptional virtues was discovered 7,000 years ago.

  • Composition: Aluminum and sodium sulfur silicate
  • Crystallization: Cubic
  • Main deposits: Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan
  • Hardness mohs scale: 5 to 6

Product Feature
  • Stone size : Irregular 4 to 8mm (Baroque Style)
  • Bracelet size : approximately 15/17cm
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Gem
  • Gem: Lapis lazuli
  • Adjustable
  • Style: Bohemian and hippie
  • Diameter: ±6cm
  • Total weight 19g
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