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Brahmi powder for hair

Brahmi powder for hair

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Ayurvedic brahmi powder.

Brahmi combines perfectly with other natural powders to prepare hair strengthening or anti-dandruff masks.

Renowned in Ayurveda for its tonic and revitalizing action,

It balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.


100% pure and natural, cosmetic quality, The plant is harvested by hand, dried in the open air then reduced to powder.

INCI designation: Bacopa monnieri powder

Skin care properties

  • Tonic And anti-aging , she brightens the complexion And prevents the effects of aging .
  • Soothing , she relieved THE problem skin .
  • In Ayurveda :
    • It balances the three doshas (vital energies) which are Vâta, Pitta and Kapha.
    • It is particularly interesting for balancing and regenerating Pitta .
    • It can soothe Vata in synergy with other Vata reducing plants.

Properties for hair

  • Toning , she favors there grows of the hair , while thickening and making them shiny .
  • She soothes THE scalp and helps to fight against dandruff .

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