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Ceramic essential oil or perfume burner

Ceramic essential oil or perfume burner

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White varnished ceramic oil burner packaged in a pretty cardboard box with an elegant and sober design.

Ideal for diffusing your essential oils and perfumes to burn with a candle.

Thanks to a subtle and continuous diffusion of your fragrance,

create a warm and delicately scented atmosphere.

Easy to use, it combines tealight lighting: Pour a few drops of perfume concentrate or essential oil of your choice into the upper cup, light your candle placed below and fully enjoy the atmosphere.

  • During your moments of relaxation
  • To diffuse aromas that you like or camouflage odors like fried food, cigarette smoke, etc.
  • Purify the air (chemical pollutants) with essential oils
  • Hunt insects naturally like spiders
  • Heat your massage oils and butters , such as coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba...

Composition: Ceramic

Dimensions: Height 12 cm Diameter 8 cm

Candle: tea light not included.

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