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Handmade oriental wax with sugar

Handmade oriental wax with sugar

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Handmade oriental wax, 100% natural composed of organic lemon, honey and sugar .

Without a strip, this caramel wax becomes pasty once passed through a bain-marie. Practical and easy to use.


The hair becomes finer and its regrowth is slowed down . Skin has never been so soft


Heat your pot in a bain-marie, directly in its pot, after removing the lid and the seal.

Take the desired quantity using a spoon.

Work it with both hands, stretching it until it becomes sticky and malleable (at least 5 minutes).

Spread a ball of dough in a thick layer then pull sharply in the opposite direction of hair growth. Rinse off wax residue with water.

Rinsing with lukewarm water removes any traces of wax after hair removal.

Apply 100% natural tigernut oil which will allow you to considerably slow down regrowth. It also prevents ingrown hairs.

Before any first use or for application to a new area, do a test touch on a small area to be waxed. If no unpleasant reaction is observed after 24 hours, then proceed with hair removal.
The oriental method depilatory wax is suitable for hair removal on the legs, bikini line and armpits.
Do not use on: irritated skin, pimples, moles, varicose veins and mucous membranes. Not suitable for the elderly, diabetics or people undergoing anti-acne treatment. Before any application, it is imperative to check the temperature of the wax on the wrist before applying it to the areas to be waxed.
Wax that is too hot can cause burns. It is not recommended to expose yourself to the sun or apply deodorant or alcoholic/perfumed products during the hours before hair removal.
water, sugar, organic lemon, organic honey .

Capacity: Glass jar of 100 g or 200 g

Store in a cool place and away from light.

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