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Oriental Hammam Box

Oriental Hammam Box

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The Oriental hammam box invites you to travel to the heart of the Orient for a moment of purification, relaxation and escape.

Original gift idea to offer or treat yourself: A true initiation to oriental tradition and the discovery of its legendary beauty secrets with the sweet scents of the Orient.

With this freshness and well-being box, treat yourself to a moment of pleasure delicately scented with oriental scents. To practice at home or in the Hammam.

This box contains an authentic Aleppo soap with 12% laurel berry oil, a kessa glove or horsehair glove, an Aleppo liquid soap or Aleppo shower gel and an Aleppo soap with Musk and amber.

-Thanks to the virtues of Aleppo soap then the mechanical exfoliation with a kessa glove , your epidermis will be rid of the dead skin that suffocates it. Your skin will regain all its freshness and velvety feel. This scrubbing glove is very durable thanks to its numerous seams.

-Aleppo liquid soap contains 80% olive oil and 20% laurel berry oil. Rich in laurel oil, it soothes and purifies the most sensitive skin.

-Aleppo soap with musk and amber with a sweet oriental scent, is completely natural, contains no coloring, no synthetic perfume, no chemicals. Composition : Olive oil, laurel oil 8%, essence of musk and amber.Content: 100g

 Can be used for: (face, whole body, intimate hygiene, etc.).
- Face mask: leave on for 1 minute then rinse with lukewarm water.
- As a shaving foam and after shave: It soothes the skin and hydrates it.

Using advice:

Exfoliation with Aleppo soap : Once a week, this exfoliation can be done at home, in the hammam or even in the sauna.

-Prepare your skin for exfoliation by taking a hot bath or shower in an environment saturated with humid steam. The pores of the skin open more easily. Stay there for at least 10 minutes.

-Apply your moistened solid Aleppo soap or your gel soap all over the body. Avoid all contact with eyes. Lather while massaging. Leave to act under steam. Then rinse thoroughly.

-Run your kessa glove in hot water then scrub your body using your glove. Exfoliation is done by mechanical friction of the skin. If you have sensitive skin, do not use a kessa glove on your face; use a natural sponge like the konjac sponge . Rinse again.

- To soften and nourish your skin, follow with a rhassoul wrap then hydrate your skin with argan oil .

Aleppo soap with musk and amber: Can be used on the face, whole body, hair, as shaving foam, intimate hygiene, etc.).
- Face mask: leave on for 1 minute then rinse with lukewarm water.
- As a shaving foam and after-shave treatment: It soothes the skin and hydrates it.

Origin: Tunisia and Morocco

Composition of the lot:

-Aleppo soap 20% -200 g
-Kessa glove or horsehair glove
-Liquid Aleppo soap -350 ml
-Solid Aleppo soap with musk and amber -100 g
-Wicker basket.

Discover all our Oriental beauty secrets and rituals and reveal your beauty naturally: in our little 100% natural oriental beauty secrets”.

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