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Makeup bag from Morocco

Makeup bag from Morocco

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Travel to Morocco with this set of 100% natural products . Offer originality with this ethnic and ethical kit filled with artisanal products:

Blue kohl , totally natural, is essential for a very intense smoldering look. It comes from a women's cooperative in Agadir. Its natural and mineral pigments are very gentle on the eyes. It is perfect for the most sensitive eyes.

The kohl bottle: a unique piece, decorated by hand, intended to contain kohl powder. Its smoothed lemon wood stick, called Mirwed, allows for perfect and quick application. This bottle was handcrafted in the Fez region of Morocco.

Thanks to the Berber zipped pouch, easily store and take your favorite beauty products everywhere with you.
Dimensions: 11 x 10 cm; Material: 100% cotton.

Original gift idea: This pouch can be transformed into gift packaging to offer this set of products to your friends and loved ones.

Tips for applying traditional Kohl :

Filling the kohl bottle: Fill the bottle directly in the hollow part and reposition the upper part of the bottle.

Open the bottle in the center and fill it with kohl
The smoothed wooden stick, called Mirwed, sold with the bottle serves as an applicator:

-Introduce the mirwed into the powder and turn it 2 to 3 times. After taking it out, tap lightly on the rim of the bottle.
-Close one eye then gently slide the stick over the lower eyelid, pulling it outwards. The effect will be blurred and velvety. Your look will be highlighted and intensified.

Composition of the lot:

- black kohl - antimony mineral powder -1.2g
- Kohl bottle and its lemon wood applicator - approximately 12cm x 3cm
- Berber pouch 100% cotton - 11 cm x 10 cm approximately

Origin of products: Morocco

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