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Gift box: “essential aromatherapy”

Gift box: “essential aromatherapy”

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An essential gift for aromatherapy enthusiasts.

This pretty wooden box contains all the essential aromatherapy oils. Find 3 versatile essential oils with very comprehensive virtues to preserve immunity, relieve all the little daily ailments, and keep your spirits up.

This box is composed of:

  • Wooden storage box that can hold up to 6 essential oils.

  • Tea tree essential oil: Antibacterial, it is used for ENT, oral or skin infections. It is also effective against skin problems
  • Mint essential oil: This multi-use oil clears the nose , refreshes and invigorates . Anesthetic , it calms itching and pruritus. It is also known for motion sickness , nausea , migraines and headaches .
  • Eucalyptus essential oil:

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