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Box: Musk cream and 3 100% natural solid musky perfumes

Box: Musk cream and 3 100% natural solid musky perfumes

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This pretty box is composed of a cream perfume and 3 solid perfumes with musk and amber.

Totally natural, Alcohol-free neither no hearing aids .

This duo is a very good alternative to synthetic perfumes.

The cream allows you to perfume your entire body in a healthy way, particularly the armpits (and perfectly masks bad odors).

Musk squares provide both body perfume and room fragrance to perfume a room, linen, cupboards, the car...

Product ecological And economical (because it lasts a very long time).

The Box: The products are delicately stored in a small wicker and wooden box. It is reusable for storing cosmetics, small beauty accessories, etc.

Olfactory characteristics :

Imbued with ancestral traditions, the oriental amber scents awaken the senses and desires. Warm fragrance with spicy, powdery, sweet, sensual and vanilla notes. Its fairly light mixed fragrance is suitable for both men and women.

Using advice:

Solid perfume

Use your solid square on dry, clean areas near blood vessels: armpits, neck, wrist, elbow creases. Rub it gently against your skin to release all its captivating scents.

To perfume your interior, a cupboard, a vehicle, simply place it in a bowl, a decorative object, a fabric purse, etc.

Finally, it can be burned in a censer with a little water (for steam).

Cream perfume

Take a small dab of cream and apply it to your neck, chest, armpits... You can get dressed immediately

Quality and origin:

Manufactured by the Hemani company, High quality product:

Pakistan Brand of the Year 2015 Award was given to Hemani Herbals by Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef

No preservatives, no alcohol. Do not grease clothes. Each square is individually wrapped.


Ambrette musk (vegetable), xylol musk, vanilla essence, rose powder, flower oil, powdered rose, essential oils, perfume.

Cream capacity: 30 g

Weight of squares: 10 g each.

Precaution: Store in a dry place. Do not expose to the sun.

Origin: Pakistan

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