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Aleppo discovery box

Aleppo discovery box

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Take care of yourself and your loved ones with this 100% plant-based and natural box. Discover the benefits of real Aleppo soap made in the traditional way from olive oils and laurel berries.

The perfect gift for a trip to the Orient.

The entire Alepeo range is free of artificial perfume and coloring, without preservatives , and has not been tested on animals .

Alepeo soaps are recommended for the most delicate and sensitive skin. They nourish the skin and respect the hydrolipidic film.

This box is composed of:

  • A traditional organic Aleppo soap with 20% multi-use laurel berry oil : This traditional soap cleans, nourishes and softens the epidermis while restoring the hydrolipidic film. Rich in laurel berry oil, it purifies and soothes the skin and hair. It is used for the face, body, hair and as a shaving foam.
Lather your soap between your hands and apply to the desired area(s). Rinse thoroughly.

  • A 100% natural Aleppo rose soap rich in olive oil and laurel oil. Without artificial additives, it is scented with rose oil.

  • A very practical organic liquid soap from Aleppo that can be used for cleaning hands, as a shower gel, washing the face, hair, etc.

  • Kraft bag with window and cords 24 x 24 x 19.5 cm with PET window (recyclable). Kraft bag both elegant and natural. You can personalize it using the message card attached to one of the handles. Its paper is thick and very resistant (175 g). Natural kraft paper 100% biodegradable and recycling.

Origin: Tunisia

    Composition of the lot:

    -Aleppo soap with 20% organic laurel berry oil- 200 g
    -Aleppo rose soap- 100 g
    -Organic liquid Aleppo soap- 350 ml
    -Kraft bag Dimensions L x D x H: 24 x 14 x 19.5 cm .

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