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Box: duo of solid perfumes: sandalwood and ambergris

Box: duo of solid perfumes: sandalwood and ambergris

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This duo is composed of a 100% natural solid sandalwood perfume

All-natural exotic and musky oriental perfume to embalm you or perfume your interior, a room, a wardrobe, linen, the car....ect.

Without alcohol or any chemical hearing aids . A real alternative to synthetic or alcohol-based perfumes.

This perfume, once reduced to powder, serves as a fragrant ingredient to make “homemade” or DIY cosmetics (do it yourself): Soaps, Perfumes, deodorants, etc.

Composition: amber, sandalwood, rose essential oil, vanilla essential oil, vegetable wax.

Quality and origin:

High quality product:

Pakistan Brand of the Year 2015 Award was given to Hemani Herbals by Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef

Origin: Pakistan

Weight: 25g

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