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Mom and baby box

Mom and baby box

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100% natural and biodegradable beauty box.

Take care of baby's and mother's skin gently with this set of healthy, vegan and 100% natural products.

To offer or to treat yourself.

Your delicate skin will be nourished, regenerated and soft for a long time.

The skin of mothers and newborns needs healthy products , without essential oils, artificial perfumes and other chemical additives.

We offer you a complete set to gently pamper you.

  • Organic shea butter (anti-stretch marks, moisturizing treatment for face, body and hair) 100 g

100% pure and natural, this Authentic shea butter is raw and untreated. It nourishes, repairs and soothes dry and very dry areas of the body and face. This shea butter is suitable for the most sensitive skin (newborn skin, atopic skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.). It is also highly recommended for dry hair and cradle cap in infants.

  • Organic cleansing gel (shower, intimate hygiene care) 350 ml

This liquid soap is a liquid Aleppo soap, very practical to apply thanks to its pump bottle: It can be used as shower gel , hand soap , shampoo, intimate soap or even for the facial cleansing .

It gently cleanses and soothes sensitive, dry, atopic skin. Rich in laurel oil, it soothes and purifies the delicate skin of mother and baby.

Natural liquid soap based on 100% vegetable oils with 5% Laurel berry oil is not tested on animals , without chemical preservatives , without coloring , without perfume , without palm oil , without EDTA, without sulfate, without paraben , ...

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  • Organic virgin argan oil 100 ml

Moisturizing and protective, this oil will enhance your body right down to the tips of your nails and hair. Extremely nourishing and toning, Argan oil penetrates quickly into the skin and promotes cell renewal.

This oil is non-comedogenic (it does not clog pores).

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  • Argan oil lip balm

Lips are soft and permanently repaired for gentle kisses.

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