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Future and young mother box

Future and young mother box

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Box of 100% natural and biodegradable products.

This gift box is ideal for a baby shower for a friend or loved one, to celebrate a birth or to spoil a young mother and gently welcome her baby.

The products in this box are essential care products for mother and baby. Thanks to their healthy and natural compositions, they are suitable for the delicate skin of a young mother and baby up to 3 years old (and older)

No preservatives, artificial fragrances, or other chemical additives.

Composition of the box:

Shea butter
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin and maintains skin elasticity
  • Delays the formation of wrinkles and slows down skin aging
  • Helps the healing of the most damaged skin
  • Prevents and treats stretch marks and cracks (for breastfeeding women)
  • Effectively eliminates cradle cap

Without any additives or chemicals, shea butter is an excellent natural moisturizer.

Moisturizing, softening and protective, shea butter is particularly suitable for the delicate and sensitive skin of babies, finer and more fragile than that of adults.

When changing: shea butter is ideal for preventing diaper rash. It both relieves and protects against redness and irritation.

After the bath: Shea butter is an ideal ally for gently massaging your baby. After the bath and after having dried the baby's skin well, heat a small amount of shea between your palms and massage the baby's body.

Rose water
  • Astringent and cleansing , it purifies combination and oily skin
  • Tightens pores, regulates excess sebum, prevents the appearance of spots and promotes the elimination of spots
  • Soothing and refreshing for all skin types
  • Soothes skin irritations and allergic reactions
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Rich in vitamins B and E, it firms and helps regenerate the skin and prevent the effects of aging.

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    Aleppo soap 12% solid
    Properties for the skin
    • Hypoallergenic, it is recommended for the delicate skin of mother and baby
    • Surgras, it helps restore the skin's hydrolipidic film and is even suitable for very dry skin .
    • Rich in olive oil, it protects and moisturizes the epidermis.
    • Soothing and antiseptic, perfect for sensitive and reactive skin
    Property for hair
    • Purifies And soothes scalp
    • Effectively eliminates dandruff and cradle cap.

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    Ethnic cotton purse with multicolored stripes, predominantly pink and red, with natural ecru drawstring.

    Material: 100% natural cotton, supple, soft and durable

    External dimension: approximately 20 x 14 cm
    Usable storage size: +/- 16 x 13 cm

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    White musk gel perfume

    A traditional perfume from the Orient, musk is a substance used by the greatest perfumers for its oriental, warm and sensual notes.

    This gel-textured, alcohol-free , non-greasy perfume is entirely natural. It is used by applying a drop to the skin (neck, chest, etc.). It is also perfect to replace an underarm deodorant, because it masks bad odors until the evening (while letting the skin sweat).

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    Reusable in bathroom, baby room...

    Dimensions L x D x H: 25 x 25 x 7 cm
    Main material: Bamboo
    Color: White

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