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Berber makeup box

Berber makeup box

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100% natural box ready to offer

It is composed exclusively of plant and mineral products. The items contained are fair trade and come from the South of Morocco.

Rose water

This Damascus rose water comes from Kelaa Mgouna in southern Morocco. 

Capacity: 100 ml

Organic argan oil

Virgin and Organic Argan Oil rich in vitamin E, Omega 9 and Omega 6.

Beauty secret of Berber women for millennia.

Capacity: 60 ml

Gray kohl

Powdered kohl authentic And traditional colored glittery gray .

Used by oriental women, it serves to highlight the eye and brings a deep expression And bewitching worthy of oriental princesses.

Economic And 100% natural , it lasts up to 3 days and does not require makeup removal.

Based on minerals and plants, without petrochemical additives.

In a glass bottle.
For advice on use, consult the kohl product sheet

Berber kohl bottle with applicator

Wooden kohl bottle from Moroccan craftsmanship. It is an essential accessory for oriental beauty. It keeps the kohl powder dry, away from any dust or impurities.

This kohl comes with a wooden stick called Mirwed allowing a burr-free application of the kohl powder .

Kraft bag

Kraft bag with cuffs and window (12cm x 9cm)

Dimensions: 18 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm

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