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Aleppo treatment box

Aleppo treatment box

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Complete pack of the Alepeo and Najel range to take care of your skin and hair

Let yourself be seduced by the treasures of the Orient: Bioriental invites you to discover real Aleppo soaps from ancestral artisanal know-how, more than 3000 years old. Products made by a master soap maker from Aleppo.

Original and 100% natural gift idea to offer or treat yourself: This box contains 4 products:

  • a traditional organic Aleppo soap at 4% in laurel berry oil,
  • a solid shampoo
  • an elegant wooden soap dish from the Najel brand
  • a natural Kraft bag

The Alepeo range is without artificial perfume or coloring , without preservatives , and has not been tested on animals .

Alepeo products are suitable for the whole family, for all skin types and for daily use . They are also recommended for the most delicate and sensitive skin. Ecological, economical and without chemical additives, they are respectful of man and his environment.

Traditional Aleppo soap with 4% laurel berry oil is multi-use

It deeply cleanses and nourishes the face and body while respecting its hydrolipidic film. It can also be used as shampoo or shaving foam.

Lather your soap between your damp hands and apply to the desired area(s). Rinse thoroughly.

Certified organic liquid soap, very practical to use, can be used for cleaning hands, body, face, hair, private parts, as shaving foam, etc.

Aleppo solid shampoo 100% plant-based
It is a concentrate of active ingredients of natural origin. Rich in oils, it is a truly nourishing, purifying, regenerating and strengthening treatment.

Najel brand wooden soap dish.
It will be perfect for holding one of your soaps and will allow them to dry well between two uses. It allows water to flow well between the grooves. Very pretty clean and natural design.


Dimensions: 6.5 x 10.5 cm
Color: Light wood
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