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Refreshing natural incense cones: Mint, sage, clove

Refreshing natural incense cones: Mint, sage, clove

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100% natural aromatherapy incense.

Pure and resolutely positive fragrance.

These refreshing incense cones are an invitation to travel to the Orient. They will allow you to create an atmosphere of relaxation and meditation. Its powerful and floral odor gives it a sweet and herbaceous scent.

Composition : Mint, sage, clove

The refreshing incense acts on the nervous system and trains the body to relax, well-being and promotes meditation.

The virtues of mint, sage and cloves :

  • Relaxing, anti-stress
  • Anti-depressant
  • Revitalizes
  • Refreshes interiors
  • Drives away impurities and bad odors
  • Eliminates bacteria, viruses present in the air and chemical particles in the air

Recycled cardboard box containing fifteen cones and a metal ash catcher. Pack containing 15 incense cones and a reusable metal support to collect the ashes and hold it. Cone height 3 cm.

Each cone burns for approximately 30 minutes.

100% natural , they are made from a mixture of herbs, roots, resins, aromatic essences and other natural elements.

Made in India

Directions for use and precautions:

• Use the cone on the metal disc

• Place the incense holder on a flat, unwaxed, unvarnished surface, not exposed to drafts, away from any flammable object (curtains, papers, etc.) and out of the reach of children and children. pets.

• Light the end of the incense stick then blow on the flame to extinguish it and let the cone burn.

• Burn only one cone at a time.

• Never leave an incense cone to burn without supervision.

• Incense should be used in a ventilated and ventilated room daily.

• Do not ingest.

• May cause allergies.

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