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Handcrafted basket from Morocco

Handcrafted basket from Morocco

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Authentic Basket in Doum: handcrafted palm leaf from Morocco:

Decorative basket for your bathroom, garden (cache pot) or to store toys, beauty accessories. It will also allow you to compose your own original gift box to offer.

You can also personalize it by embroidering it by hand with wool for example. You can write a first name or a sweet word there.

The basket: Fair trade and sustainable development

This artisanal basket is woven entirely by hand. It is made from palm leaves which grow in large quantities in the south of Morocco. To allow this palm to grow properly, its leaves are cut regularly. No palm trees are cut down. Its leaves are recycled to make these baskets.

The know-how of weaving and braiding, passed down from mother to daughter, has enabled women artisans to come together in a cooperative or association and sell their creations on the national and international market. This craft is part of an approach to sustainable development and ecology by guaranteeing artisans an income and financial independence.

  • Small basket: Height 24 cm, Width 16 cm, Weight 122 gr
  • Large basket: Height 16 cm, Width 14 cm, Weight 58 gr

The dimensions indicated may vary due to the fact that each product is unique and manufactured manually.

Origin: Morocco

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