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Indian costus powder

Indian costus powder

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Indian costus ( Qist al hindi- القسط الهندي ) 100% pure and natural powder.

Widely used in natural medicine (Chinese, Ayurvedic , Arabic), Indian costus has several benefits for health, well-being and beauty.

In Asia, it is particularly consumed for its bitter flavor close to ginger.

In prosthetic medicine, it is very present to treat many ailments.

It strongly boosts immunity and protects against viral diseases such as Covid.

What is the costume?

The Indian costus ( Saussurea costus) is native to tropical regions such as India (hence its name), Pakistan, Malaysia, Guyana. It is a herbaceous plant in the form of an erect stem 1 to 2 m high and is found between 2000 and 5000 meters of altitude.

Its roots are dark brown or gray. They measure up to 40 cm long and are used for centuries in natural medicine.

Today, its use is highly recommended by naturopaths around the world.

The Indian Costus between prosthetic tradition and scientific research today.

Conference on the prophetic and spectacular benefits of the plant named Al Qist Al Hindi

According to tradition, the Prophet Mohammed strongly advised using these roots to cure at least 7 diseases.


It is the root that is used for its medicinal properties:

  • Problem of thyroid
  • In the area of ​​digestion, it is used against diarrhea , nausea , stomach aches, ulcers, dyspepsia. It is used as a detoxifier.
  • It is also used in cases of rheumatism , dental pain , fevers , and disorders of inflammatory origin.
  • Pulmonary inflammation and infection, protection from viruses (flu, etc.)
  • It is used in the treatment of asthma , respiratory disorders , jaundice, in cases of hypotension but also as a sedative, aphrodisiac , insecticide, fungicide, virucide, antiseptic.
  • It is also used for diabetes problems , it stimulates the pancreas and reduces blood sugar levels.
  • It acts on problems related to the ovaries , painful or too heavy periods . it improves the fertility of both women and men
  • It facilitates the emission of urine and has a deworming action and acts on freckles.
  • Calms migraines
  • Helps treat depression

In cosmetics, it is used in perfumes and shampoos.

Rich in antioxidants, it has immense impacts on the premature aging of cells and skin.

Description and quality:

The Indian costus is a piece of wood that resembles the siwak (stick - toothbrush). Its smell is close to that of ginger.

INCI: Saussurea costus powder.

We keep all our powders and products protected from light

and the heat; to ensure better quality and guarantee good protection of their properties.

They are packaged when you order

Chemical composition of costus root:

Sesquiterpene derivatives: cytosterole (phytosterole), costunolide, dehydrocostus lactone, costic acid.

Tips for use

Ingestion: Mix powdered costus with water, honey or juice at a rate of 1/10. You can combine it with nigella seed powder for certain treatments (fertility, thyroid, inflammation, urinary infection, antioxidant, etc.)

For external use: Let the powder macerate in vegetable oil for at least 15 days. Use it twice a day

Face mask: Use the powder as a base to dilute with a cosmetic vegetable oil of your choice.

We offer you on our blog a mask recipe based on Indian costus.

Warning: Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 6 years old.

Capacity from 20 g to 300 g

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