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Saffron and argan cream

Saffron and argan cream

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Day cream with precious and powerful active ingredients, organic argan oil: anti-aging and lipid-replenishing and 100% natural regenerating saffron .

Entirely natural, this combines two precious and powerful active ingredients, Organic Argana Oil , anti-aging and lipid-replenishing, and Saffron Extract, regenerating.
Its immediate action gives a fabulous boost of radiance, evens out the complexion and tightens the skin without leaving a greasy film.

Multi-use cream rich in argan oil and Moroccan saffron Face and body.

100% natural, without additives or chemical preservatives.

Thanks to its rich and creamy texture, this cream penetrates quickly and intensely nourishes the skin. And it gives it back shine and softness.

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it nourishes, deeply hydrates and restructures the epidermis.

Thanks to its simple formula

Exceptional composition:

1.Argan oil

Full of powerful active ingredients, argan oil allows you to reconnect with 100% natural beauty. This “liquid gold” nourishes and restores radiance to the skin; but its greatest wealth lies in its remarkable regenerating and anti-aging power. natural saffron

Properties for the skin
  • Anti wrinkle And firming powerful, it deeply nourishes the skin and improves its elasticity.
  • It is recommended for moisturize And protect the skin every day.
  • Restructuring , regenerating And healing , it repairs chapped skin, burns, scars and stretch marks.

2. Natural saffron

Saffron is rich in antioxidants, which gives it impressive anti-aging power . Antioxidants help fight free radicals, which are partly responsible for skin aging. Among these antioxidants, saffron also contains Vitamin C

Application Tips and Tricks

Argan oil has a high penetrating power.

-For face and neck care: Apply your cream to clean, dry skin using small circular movements on the face and neck.

-In body care: After your shower or your beauty ritual (bath, hammam, scrub, etc.), apply your cream to wet skin until absorbed.

Be more generous on dry areas: feet, knees, hands, elbows...

Composition: saffron, vegetable stearic acid, beeswax, Glycerin sorbitol, argan oil, vegetable oil, vitamin E and Natural Preservative

Capacity: 200 g

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