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Duo of snake oil and HEMANI serum

Duo of snake oil and HEMANI serum

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Hemani real snake oil 250 ml

Real ZAIT AL HAYEE “Snake” oil, also called “Cobra oil”.

The most renowned on the market for its quality

This treatment is actually a mixture of several vegetable oils.

This product does not contain snake oil or venom.

nor anything animal! This is simply a commercial name.

100% pure and vegan, without any chemical additives, laboratory controlled

Renowned for hair care: It is both anti-hair loss, stimulates growth, fortifying and moisturizing.

Amber bottle to preserve the virtues and avoid reaction with UV rays.

Hemani Snake Oil Hair Serum 60 ml

this serum was specially formulated by the HEMANI laboratory (in Dubai)

to strengthen, nourish, soften and hydrate hair. It is also used to prevent split ends and external aggressions.

Origin and quality

There are varieties of snake oil of more or less good quality.

HEMANI snake oil is a high quality product,

certified and laboratory controlled.

Pakistan Brand of the Year 2015 awarded

to Hemani Herbals by Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef.

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