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Bottle of Berber kohl

Bottle of Berber kohl

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Makeup bottle for applying and storing kohl powder.

Pyrographed and carved wooden kohl bottle.

Product from Moroccan craftsmanship and fair trade.

This bottle has a stick called Mirwed, sold with the bottle which serves as an applicator. The mirwed is attached to the side of the kholier. Very smooth and very soft, its long and thin shape is perfect for smudge-free eye makeup. Simple and quick application provides long-lasting and 100% natural eye makeup.

The bottle cap is held in place by a string.

Bottle characteristics
  • Made from lemon wood. Dimensions: cm x cm approximately.
  • Handcrafted according to tradition. Decorated and engraved by hand.
  • It allows very good conservation of kohl powder away from dust, light or heat.
  • Simple filling and easy use.
  • A smooth "mirwed" application stick with an optimal tapered shape for perfect application.

Origin: Morocco

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